Exercises with laterality cards




Games that can be played using Laterality Cards:


Sorting the cards:

Sort the stack of cards in two piles. One pile should have all the images of the right hand and the second pile, all the images of the left hand.


Memory game:

Choose 5-10 pairs of cards that represent the left and right hand in identical/similar positions/postures. Use the cards to play a game of Memory. You can have 2 or more players. Place the cards upside down on the table and have the players turn over the cards one at a time, matching the positions/postures by memory.

The more pairs used in the game, the higher the degree of difficulty.


Game of ”Go Fish”:

The game of Fish can be played by 2-6 players. Each player has 7 cards (5 cards if more than two players). The rest of the cards are placed in a deck at the center of the table. The game begins with first player asking one of the other players if they have a specific card. For example, the player asks if a specific player has a left hand showing two fingers. If so, the player must give them the specified card. But if the player does not have the card, they’ll say: ”Go Fish”. The player asking the question will then have to draw a card from the deck. If the card drawn is the same card they just asked for, then the player gets another turn. Once the players turn is over, the next player is up. Once a player has a set of matching right and left hands, the pair must be placed on the table. The game is over when a player has no cards left in their hand or when the deck is depleted. The player with the most pairs wins.



The cards are shuffled and each player gets half of the cards. Draw a 3x3 field matrix and play the game of tic-tac-toe where one player must use the cards with right-hand images and the other player cards with left-hand images.  (They must be careful to use only hand image they were appointed or they will give their opponent and advantage)

Taking turns each player places a card in the matrix. Three in a row wins the game.

The level of difficulty can be increased if the game is played trying to get 5 in a row. In this case the matrix is increased and 5 in a row win the game.