Exercises with mirror

Proposal exercise program in mirror therapy,

where movement training is the goal.


Use a space without too much "visual and auditory noise." So a room without too much decoration and a room where there is peace and quiet and where you will not be disturbed.

It is recommended to study and train laterality prior to the use of mirrors.

Use any "Laterality cards" from Scanmirror.com or make photos of hands in different positions and angles yourself.  Graduate pictures on the way to hands without tools and the activity is easiest, while images of hands with tools and activity are more difficult:








 Photos - own images.

Simple                                                  complex

When there is great security in chosing the hand as illustrated in the pictures, you can go over to the mirror.

Start to look without moving. The brain must "admit" that it is the extremity that really lies behind the mirror, as seen in the mirror. "Connection" to be created and perceived.

When there is good contact movement training begins:

Proposed exercises:

Lift a finger at a time.

Lift your thumb up from the table.

Alternately turn the palm up / down

Use a pillow for flexion / extensions training of the wrist.
Alternative - put hand in hand edge position and flex / extend in the wrist. (See below)


Flex / extend the fingers

other proposals may be training with tweezers handles for all fingers (both lateral and tip-to-tip), "piano" or move your hand back and forth / up and down the plane. It's just important that the movement is known by the patient, and that movement is performed in a normal pace (no hurry).

NOTE. None of these exercises may cause pain. If this happens, treatment is stopped immediately.

The exercises chosen and composed as necessary. Caution the patient not gets fatigue and lose concentration.

These exercises should only be considered as an "Idea Bank" and not as a result of a research

Publisher disclaims any responsibility for the harm that might be a result of this written paper are not followed properly